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VIP Intensive - Half Day

VIP Intensive Workshop - Half Day

Big progress on your book writing or marketing in a short time.

Are you struggling to plan, write, or market your book?

What if you had help? The kind that relieves the overwhelm, gives you clarity and confidence about your project, and helps you move forward quickly.

A professional writer, content marketer, and coach who's on a mission to help you grow your authority, spread your message, and make an impact...

So you can stop feeling stuck and be one step closer to publishing your book or growing your platform. 

VIP 1:1 Intensive Workshop Days are designed to help you get small book planning, writing, or marketing projects off your to-do list. You'll get hands-on coaching and help (I'll actually roll up my sleeves and write if that's what you need) so you can check off those tasks and move on to your next big goal. 

Let's check one thing off your list - together. 

Writing and marketing a book is a team sport, not a solo effort. We'll strategize, write, and optimize specific projects to help you knock those tasks off your to-do list. 

VIP Intensive Workshop - Half Day  (4 hours)

Half day session are for you if need help getting a small project started and you’re confident you can DIY the rest.

The day starts with a 30-minute kick off call to strategize about a specific project goal. Next we'll decide how best to accomplish that - could be I interview you, could be I help you with research, writing, or planning for an hour or two and the check back in, etc. 

At the end of the half day we’ll have another call to close the session and clarify next steps. 

Ideas for a half day session include (but are not limited to):

  • Nail down your book's big promise, structure, and high-level outline, and plan your detailed chapter outlines, with templates to guide you to finishing.
  • Research, suggest, and plan/draft a compelling lead magnet to turn book buyers into email subscribers.
  • Map out a welcome or nurture email sequence with the 1st email written and a template for you to follow for the next few.
  • Rewrite one page of web copy - could be your About page, Home page, Services or Work With Me with suggestions and templates for you to DIY the rest.

How it Works

  1.     Fill out the Author questionnaire 
  2.     We’ll schedule a 15-minute discovery call about your project
  3.     The discovery process will clarify your one goal 
  4.     You schedule and pay for your day
  5.     The day kicks off with a 30-minute Zoom call
  6.     We'll work together and/or check regularly with progress
  7.     We wrap up the half-day with another Zoom call 

With VIP Intensive half-days you’re booking my time, not a project. There’s no guarantee you’ll walk away with a finished product. But I do guarantee, by the end, you’ll walk away with the clarity, confidence, and resources to execute the rest. 

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